Brand’s $4.9 billion ad featuring NBA legend as Michael Jordan’s stand-in finally gets response after 21 years

Michael Jordan holds a place in the hearts of many through his basketball legacy. But even two decades after his retirement, he still resonates with younger generations through his Jordans. Meanwhile, MJ’s impact during his 15-season career inspired generations of defenders. Even some of the craftiest players in NBA history.

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A three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year has spoken many times about how his magnanimity Made him who he is today. On top of that, he also got the unique opportunity to play the idol’s stunt double in one of Gatorade’s most iconic commercials.

Jamal Crawford once played young Michael Jordan


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Jamal Crawford, considered one of the NBA’s greatest ball-handlers, finally became his idol’s stand-in in a 2003 Gatorade commercial. In the commercial, a young Michael Jordan and an old Michael Jordan play basketball against each other. The young Jordan is faster, but the experienced Jordan is more skilled. Crawford took on the role of a young Jordan and asked: “Do you have IT in you?”

Some 21 years after the ad was released, an Instagram user scolded Crawford for revealing such a huge secret. In his scroll he said: “The man who plays a young Michael Jordan in this ad is Jamal Crawford, who happened to be playing for the Chicago Bulls when the ad was filmed in 2003.”

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Jamal Crawford retweeted the post on his Instagram Story with the caption: “What an honor it is to have this goat!” Looking back on his career, Crawford was traded to the Chicago Bulls with the eighth overall pick in 2000. The Cleveland Cavaliers traded him for the rights to Chris Mihm. Crawford’s career with the Bulls ended in 2004, the same year he averaged over 17 points per game.

It’s hard to say whether Crawford didn’t renew his rookie contract in Chicago because of his idol, Michael Jordan. But the shake-and-bake expert has revealed the impact Jordan’s words had on his confidence.


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How his presence changed Crawford’s path

Michael Jordan played a few pick-up games. One of those games was against a young Jamal Crawford. Apparently, MJ told the guard, “You’ve got a game. You’re going to come down with me. You’re part of my team.” “

This gave Crawford confidence and changed his life forever. J cross explain,”I don’t care what anyone tells me, no coach, no GM, no writers, no one on paper, nothing. The best player of all time said to me: “You have a game.” That’s it. “


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There’s no denying that sharing something with your childhood idol is a very precious moment. But Jamal Crawford didn’t just get to play with Michael Jordan, he got to play with him. Of course, Crawford has $4.9 billion worth of Gatorade to thank. Did you enjoy learning this new fact?

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