Breaking news | Palestinian Wafa Agency: Israel bombed Jabalia refugee camp and more than 100 were martyred – latest news in the world

Breaking news! After the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas ended, the sounds of shelling increased from the area. The Israeli occupation forces intensified their attacks in the northern Gaza Strip. The area is being bombarded by aircraft and artillery.

Bomb in a refugee camp: more than 100 lives lost

The Israeli occupation forces launched an air strike on Jabalia refugee camp. According to news published by the official Palestinian Wafa Agency, more than 100 people were killed in the attack that occurred at noon. The agency also wrote that dozens of people were injured in the attack and that some of them were trapped under the rubble.

After the air attack on the refugee camp, the sounds of artillery shelling began to rise from the area.

Claim from Reuters regarding the moratorium meeting

While the attacks were continuing, the British news agency Reuters provided important news. The agency wrote that a meeting was held in Doha to renew the ceasefire.

According to the report, a meeting was held between the Israeli intelligence team, Mossad, and Qatari mediators.

The meeting focused on a new exchange of hostages and a new ceasefire.

In the evening, a statement was issued by Hamas regarding the hostage exchange.

Statement from Hamas regarding the hostage exchange

The statement issued by Hamas said: “There will be no exchange of prisoners with Israel until the war in Gaza ends.”

The statement stressed that the Israeli hostages will not be released unless a ceasefire is reached and all Palestinian prisoners are released, and claimed that the remaining hostages are Israeli soldiers and civilians who served in the Israeli army.

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