Briatore lost weight, irony about lunch and explanations about diet

Favio Briatore Over the past few hours, he shared a video on Instagram where he explained the reason for his severe weight loss, which caused concern among his followers. The weight loss experienced by the luxury entrepreneur wasn’t even overlooked Bianca Berlinguer (whose entrepreneur was a guest in the first episode of “È semper Cartabianca” on Rete 4, and it was she who asked him why he lost weight.

Flavio Briatore and weight loss: the reason

Elisabetta Gregoraci’s ex-husband clarified that there are no health problems, rather diet. After laughing at his lunch by sharing a post with two slices of lemon, the manager explained on social media: “I’ve seen a lot of sites talking about Flavio Briatore losing weight, “maybe he’s not feeling well.” But no, it’s not like that“. And again: “Yes, I lost weight, it’s true. In the year I lost 20 kilograms I had a certain diet that got me there“. Then he added: “So don’t worry, we hope it stays with you for a long time, in fact, losing weight means improving your health at a certain point, when significant weight is not good for anyone, I pay attention when I eat. I eat little and go 16 hours between meals. Then I’ll calmly write down our diet“. Intermittent fasting is a diet regimen followed by many, among many others. Claudio Marchisio. Therefore, Briatore has a new way of life, also focused on greater attention to the food consumed and accompanied by constant physical activity.

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