Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spearsugh urgent entry due to health problems resulting from the infection that led to kirofano, according to the Page Six article. The artist’s progenitor if it says “very serious” and I would spend several weeks in the hospital center.

Britney Spears’ father met with ‘very serious’ urgency (Photo: Gtres)

“Jamie suffered a severe infection I asked for surgery. He was hospitalized for several weeks in a special center for infectious diseases,” assures Jamie Spears in the previously mentioned middle state. He is now seeking outpatient treatment, People reports. This is news after the last month of August “TMZ”. It was published that the artist’s father was hospitalized for treatment of complications resulting from the replacement of a rod for which he was treated in the 2000s. When he arrived at the hospital center, the singer’s ancestor was clearly suffering from delgado.”I lost more than 25 kilograms“, they left to point out.

If I take advantage of Britney Spears’s tutelage

For 13 long years, Jamie exercised strict legal control over Britney.. This caused a total rift between father and daughter, as well as numerous frictions with the artist’s followers. They were the latest to start the #FreeBritney movement, which will travel around the world to free the “Womanizer” translator from Jamie’s tutelage. US justice recognized the rights of Britney Spears and freed her from the control of her ancestor. She is being held for up to 13 years after the artist accused her of “abuse” by having control over her personal, medical and financial decisions.

Britney Spears’ father is serious (Photo: Gtres)

The gap between father and daughter is complete and not if he thinks about the environment. Britney Spears is deep in recovery. Last month, the performer had a brief reunion with her mother Lynne Spears. She also invited her husband Brian Spears to come to her home after her husband Sam Asghari demanded a divorce. Britney will soon release a memoir with people sharing some of the most difficult moments in her life.