Britney Spears is producing a remix of Beyoncé’s “Daddy Issues.”

No Instagram, for Pop Princess. I sign Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s husband, to record music.

Returning the musical dinner from the film of his 13-year tutelage to a few, Britney Spears I instigated his next launch: a remix of Beyoncé.

Without Instagram, the pop princess shared a series of videos in which she danced “Daddy’s Lessons”and then show your interest in creating your own music remix with Jay-Z.

+++ LEIAH MAYS: Britney Spears joins with new single “Mind Your Business”

Many people have already remixed the music without making it too loud… now I can say that I will eventually remake this music! So sure to hear Jay-Z and add rap… and now what?

It’s worth remembering this Britney AND Beyoncé já trabalharam juntas ahead. How pop divas were delighted with Pepsi com advertising Pink in 2004, singing “We will Rock You”from the group Queen. Note below:

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“Daddy’s Lessons” attitude towards the sixth album Beyoncé, Lemonadelaunched in April 2016. Of the 12 songs written by the project, including hits “Education”, “Delay”, “Sorry” AND “Freedom“, parceria com or rapper Kendrick Lamar. Below:

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