Britney Spears riding topless horse and new tattoo after breaking up with Sam Asghari: ‘I’m so excited’

Britney Spears’ new tattoo has raised suspicions among fans. Drawing of a red serpentine at the bottom of the column…




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Britney Spears’ new tattoo has raised suspicions among fans. The red serpentine pattern on the lower spine could signify leaving gossip behind. Therefore, it is no coincidence that this happened after breaking up with Sam Asgari.

“My new snake tattoo guys. I’m so excited, yeah,” she said in a social video she shared on Instagram.

Aside from her recent tattoo, Britney Spears has become more active on social media since her split from her husband. In a recent video, she also appeared topless on horseback in the desert, claiming that no matter how hot it was, she should have gone naked.

New tattoo

White low-waisted denim shorts and a floral off-the-shoulder crop top: this is the outfit the singer showed herself in in the video, which she shared on social networks with her fans. In fact, she also shared with her followers the exact moment she was pricked with a tattoo needle, silently showing a slight pain on her face.

“It really doesn’t hurt that much,” he says in the photos.


The divorce occurred after complaints from the actor, who claims that Britney Spears cheated on him and often used violence against him. Today, the singer reacts by showing that she is happy and surprised by the time she spends in her absence.

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