Britney Spears, the unstoppable decline of a pop star: she hit her head on a table and ended up in the hospital

Like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, this tumultuous breakup is also chronicled in a documentary produced by TMZ by name Britney Spears: divorce and despair. On the other hand, even if the first surprise marriage in Las Vegas lasted 55 hours, this 14-month marriage was just as painful.

For the pop star, it was supposed to be a moment of balance, but above all, of rebirth. By taking control of his life, he would be able to restore his career. But it’s full of debt because legal battles certainly aren’t cheap. In addition, on social media she continues to be shown naked, on a pole dancing stage or in a bathtub, freely showing off her body with confusing and angry captions interspersed with zen moments.

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In the world, It’s the balance she lacks and so, completely at a loss and now without insurance, he tries to return the scene of the incident as best he can.

The desired freedom became a double-edged sword.

There are those who might say that a man’s role model is reflected in his choice of female companions who are very unsuitable for her, or too aggressive, or too indulgent, or too eager to share the limelight.

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