Britney Spears ‘tried to talk about conservatorship on Jonathan Ross show’ – Deadline

Britney Spears wrote about her controversial conservatorship in her upcoming memoir, including the fact that she tried to talk about it on a TV talk show in 2016, but her comments never aired.

In my future book The woman in meSpears writes: “I even mentioned the conservatory on a talk show in 2016, but for some reason that part of the interview did not air. Hm. How interesting.”

Now UK Sun newspapers report that the talk is about British host Jonathan Ross’s talk show, where Spears appeared in 2016 to discuss her ninth album. Glory.

The newspaper reports that viewers heard Spears live on air telling the host about her album:

“I’ve had this conservatorship for years and I felt like a lot of the decisions were made for me, so I wanted this to be my baby and I was very strategic about it.”

According to the newspaper, heated discussions have ensued between Spears’ team and ITV executives, and they quote an insider as saying:

“Everyone was shocked: conservatism was always present, but it was never talked about.

“The fact that Britney brought this up at one of the biggest shows in the UK was alarming.”

The broadcaster ultimately agreed not to broadcast the comments, according to the newspaper.

It will be another five years before the conservatorship, which limits Spears’ ability to make decisions about her professional and personal life, is ended. Her book will be the first time she details the circumstances of the conservatorship, which saw her father Jamie put in charge of all her finances and business decisions.

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