This is certainly one of the most difficult times for Britney Spears, who is in the center of attention, often painful, in the media around the world after the news of her divorce from Sam Asgari. In fact, every day portals, magazines and newspapers publish new speculations, rumors and indiscretions regarding the life of the pop star, who, for her part, shares on her social channels numerous videos and photos, often accompanied by very direct thoughts.

On August 26, for example, the pop princess posted a video of a 2001 shoot with photographer Herb Ritts—the perfect hook to remember a time when the press, she said, was more respectful of women’s lives. .

“Before the advent of documentaries like TMZ… it was unacceptable for the press to put on a show of innocent people to spread false information and damage reputation!” – wrote the singer, adding wistfully: “When Hollywood had value and respect!”. Britney is specifically referring to the production of the documentary Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom produced by TMZ and released in May 2023.

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