Brody Jenner weighed in by doctor after drinking Tia Blanco’s breast milk

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

being a new dad Brody Jenner Recently, his coffee ran out of almond milk and he decided to spill it on his fiancée Tia Blancobreast milk – with her permission of course.

Despuesde Mountain: new beginning Celebrity – Welcomes two-month-old daughter honey jenner Along with Tia – an ob-gyn who made headlines for a mix of coffee and breast milk he called “extremely delicious”. Shirley Ross revealed to E! Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of drinking breast milk as an adult.

“It may be safe to use your partner’s breast milk with your morning coffee, although there’s not enough research on this,” the women’s sexual health expert shared.

Indeed, breast milk research typically focuses on infants and mothers, making it difficult to know whether other adults experience similar returns. But, as Dr. Ross points out, moms and their babies don’t always reap the benefits.

“Breast milk is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and protective antibacterial and inflammatory properties,” she explains. “Variables that influence breast milk composition include the health and diet of the breastmilk maker, storage and proper hygiene.”

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