“Broken Mirror, Kicks and Punches on the Car”

Michael Morrone, known to many as the protagonist of 365 Days and an Italian sex symbol, spent some very difficult hours after a violent altercation with a motorist. The collision is believed to have taken place in Campomarino maruggio, Tarentum, where the actor will spend the holidays with his girlfriend Maora Sorio. But what happened?

Some rumors say that it was Michel Morrone who started the dispute, but for whom cause? Let’s go to understand together in the reconstruction of the dynamics.

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Michael Morrone turned on discussionthen finished in real fight with a boy in Taranto. Cause? parking Lost.

According to some informants who wanted to tell this story on Veryinutilpeople’s Instagram account, the story would have started with an actor from 365 days. A source says: “Today Michael Morrone got into a fight with a boy Campomarino in Puglia on the issue of parking. he has split V mirror and kicked and hit the car. They got into a fight when the boy also got out of the car. The people around me were calling carabinieri And ambulances“.

This would also lead to a physical confrontation between them, which would then be stopped by the carabinieri. In a passerby’s TikTok video, we see the moment when Michel Morrone, on the advice of his girlfriend, decides to give up and leave.

Did Massimo Torricelli take his role as a mafioso in 365 Days too seriously?

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