Bronchitis vaccine cuts Vigo’s income by 90%

Galicia proposed for the first time RSV Immunizations in Children’s Calendar, with widespread participation from families.It is provided for babies born since the founding of the People’s Republic of China Vaccination event on September 25 last year (still open), but they are also calling for people born between April 1 and September 24, 2023, and people under the age of two with risk factors for serious infection.

inside Vigo Health District family decides 93.3% of infants vaccinated Since its birth last September 25, it has become, together with Santiago, the best brand in Galicia. 85.5% of children born between April 1 and September 24 can be vaccinated.

he respiratory syncytial virus, That him Main reasons for neonatal admission to hospitalThe spread this winter has been the same as the pre-pandemic season, but with less disruption thanks to the vaccine. In Galicia, between 400 and 800 students are admitted to hospital each year. However, this quarter, 50 of the youngest children were hospitalized with respiratory syncytial virus across Galicia, a 90% decrease compared to previous years. Canqueiro also noted a breakdown in the vaccine’s target population.

The hospital has few cases in that age group; period of no income, as happened between January 8 and 22 this year. The worst week was November 22, when seven minors infected with the virus were hospitalized across Galicia. In previous seasons, they had over 30 games from late December to early January.

The situation is very different between Over 60 years oldwho have not received this vaccine because Income doubled By a few numbers, this is the worst wave of RSV in this age group in recent years.

The terrible bronchiolitis virus

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) causes Respiratory tract infections in children and adults. Although most infections are mild, this virus is the leading infectious cause of hospitalization in children during their first year of life and the leading, almost only, cause of bronchiolitis.

At the same time, respiratory syncytial virus has grown in importance as a virus in recent years. Reason for admission Adults, especially those over 60 years old, due to respiratory infections.

availability Monoclonal antibodies, Nirsevimab was effective in preventing 70% to 80% of hospitalizations in children experiencing the first wave of the epidemic, so it was included in the Galician immunization plan in 2023.

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