Brown leather jacket and how to match it

Rock and stylish, the brown leather jacket it can be flawless even in spring. With a thousand shapes and styles, this garment hardly disappoints: vintage and modern at the same time, it has a charm that does not go unnoticed. But how to wear it in this season? Taking inspiration from ours celebrity favorite we can create gods spring looks cheeky but also elegant with the brown leather jacket as the protagonist.

Brown leather jacket combination: the rules

What to combine with brown leather jacket? Potentially everything: we will have to understand better design and color of the model to create the perfect match. Indeed brown has a broad spectrum of shades and nuances that go well with as many shades. The dark brown for example it appears elegant and refined, to combine with neutral colors and clear to avoid creating flat, overly dark looks. With the light brown instead you have more room for manoeuvre: it goes well with several light and dark shadeseven a prints and patterns with bright colours. It’s up to you to decide whether to get a more formal look, and therefore go for dark or bold monochromatic.

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A brownish leather jacket beige goes well with pastel coloursgreat protagonists of spring, while a model tending to brick red it’s decidedly more rock and wild, and goes well with white, black, denim. Finally, put on a brown leather jacket patterned with garments that can recall the color and style of the outerwear to avoid a messy effect.

Another helpful tip is to look at the model and the cut of the same to understand how to match the brown leather jacket for women. A model oversized and androgynous goes well with casual chic look, between sporty and elegant. A cropped jacket it is more modern and lively, to be combined with high-waisted garments with a glam touch. A leather blazers brown can be used as a classic jacket, even elegantly over a blouse or creating a separate suit with elegant trousers. The classic leather nail in the brown version it is instead perfect for a rock and daring style, or to be worn every day even with jeans.

How to wear the brown leather jacket according to the stars

Even the stars love the brown leather jacket, and they can’t help but wear it: we can take a cue from their looks to capture some style ideas to inspire us for our spring outfits.

Hadid sisters inspiration

For example, we can copy the matching brown leather jacket from Bella Hadidwhich includes it in a classic look and wears it with chelsea boots. To make this outfit more spring-like and jaunty, you can wear a jacket under the jacket dress with a wide skirt or blouse and carrot trousers from light fabric.

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Alternatively wear the brown leather jacket with fancy dresses how does Gigi Hadidcreating a mix & match of effective prints and patterns youthful and modern. In general the Hadid sisters they often sport a brown leather jacket in their daily outfits. They usually match it with casual and informal looksuch as denim shorts, flat sandals, sneakers, white classic shirt and so on.

The elegant outfits of Elsa Hosk And Hailey Baldwin

For a more seductive look, wear the brown leather jacket as blazer dressinspired by Elsa Hosk. Customize the look with the right accessories and you’ll be ready for an evening out or an aperitif with friends. Hailey Baldwin instead, he prefers to wear his oversized brown leather jacket with a mini dress below and a couple of lace-up sandals for a modern and sensual style.

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