BTS’ Jungkook Compares To The Kid LAROI’s Justin Bieber: ‘He Has The Power Of That Star’ | BTS

Australian The Kid LAROI has collaborated with Justin Bieber and BTS’ Jungkook in 2021 and 2023 respectively. Photo: composition LR/FunnyFM/Hybe

¿Jungkook from BTS, yeah Justin Bieber if it seems? For The Kid LAROI, these pop megastars have a very important similarity. During a recent public appearance following the launch of ‘TOO MUCH’, the Australian artist was inspired by his idol k-pop and I did not hesitate to compare him with the Canadian, he invited him in 2021 to participate in the song that brought him worldwide fame: “STAY”.

“TOO MUCH”, a viral song by The Kid LAROI featuring Jungkook and Central Cee.

Before appearing on the first album as a soloist called “GOLDEN”, ​​the youngest of BTS pleased his fans with three new themes: “SEVEN”, “3D” and “TOO MUCH”. The first two albums were included and featured Latto and Jack Harlow respectively.

On the other hand, “JK” is participating as a guest artist. ‘TOO MUCH’. This theme was launched on October 19th (currently in Peru) as the theme for “The First Time”, the next studio album from The Kid LAROI.

What is Kid LAROI about Jungkook and Justin Bieber?

Baby LAROI I shared my thoughts on “TOO MUCH” in front of an audience on October 19th in New York City. After learning about Koreaboo, the 20-year-old Australian asked someone like Justin Bieber to sing his new song. In this story, Jungkook perfectly captured what he was looking for: an artist who will be remembered.

“Who can do what Justin can do? Who has not only his voice, but also his star power? Someone who, when he plays with that voice, thinks he’s a ***. ¡Jungkook 100%! “, detailed, emotional.

Jungkook is my youngest BTS member. Photo: BIGHIT Music

The singer, real name Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, praised the vocals of BTS’ “Golden Maknae”, which is considered one of the most virtuous vocalists of his generation in K-pop.

“(In JK’s voice) we’re talking about a completely different song. I saw it and thought, “Oh wait, that’s right.” That’s the catch,” he agreed.

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