BTS release long-awaited memoir

Beyond the Story: BTS’s 10-Year Record Traces South Korean Group’s Career

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According to The keeperI BTS extension released their first official book to celebrate ten-year career.

he went out Beyond History: BTS’s 10-Year Record

A big party for fans of the boy band that finally made k-pop a worldwide hit. RM, Gin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V AND trash Look these are seven guys who have written a new page in the history of music, becoming one of the most famous South Korean artists.



BTS and Jung Kook release new single Seven

So far, seven singers have ended the group’s projects to take part in military service with the goal of a full reunion in 2025. Despite their absence from the stage, BTS wanted to celebrate their 10th career anniversary by spreading Beyond History: BTS’s 10-Year Record.

As per what was restarted The keeperthe book is an autobiography that traces their musical career in chronological order with an eye to the future.


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Among the most famous songs of the group (PHOTO) we find without a doubt Fire, Save me, DNA, stay golden, Dynamite AND oil.

Project without a name - 1


10 years of BTS, J-Hope shared letter from military service

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