BTS’s J-Hope was spotted at his graduation ceremony with his fellow soldiers sporting an amazing physique, leaving fans in awe

BTS’s J-Hope enlisted in the South Korean army earlier this year after Jin completed his mandatory five-week training before being assigned to his initial duties in the army. During the enlistment, J-Hope recently shared his stunning look in his uniform and is now the talk of the town. Recently, recruits who completed five weeks of training were undergoing a graduation ceremony where other soldiers got the opportunity to meet the BTS idol.

Following J-Hope’s five-week training, the singer is selected to become an assistant drill instructor and will be in charge of everyone completing the five-week training program. During his last graduation ceremony, J-Hope was seen clicking photos with other soldiers that appeared on X (formerly known as Twitter). The soldier also mentioned that he took a photo with J-Hope and excited fans on the microblog. He also used the word “hyung”, which means “elder brother” in Korean.

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BTS’s Suga recently enlisted in the military and went to a military training base. Speaking of the group, RM, the leader of the group, will soon be enlisted next, while the others are currently focusing on their individual careers and have only released albums or tracks.

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Jungkook recently announced his new track with American singer Jack Harlow called “3D”, which will be released on September 29th. On the other hand, Wah aka Kim Taehyung released his solo debut track titled “Layover” on September 7th.

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