BTS’s Jungkook has named a dance competition he plans to post on TikTok soon

However, he missed his chance to do it with the original artist…

Although BTS‘s Jungkook loves surprising ARMYs with his surprise dance videos on TikTok, he made an exception and announced an upcoming dance challenge that will be posted on his profile. And all this thanks Suga.

BTS’s Jungkook | Wevers
BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

On October 4, Jungkook live-streamed on Weverse, hanging out with ARMY from his home after a long break. He started the broadcast by talking a little about his upcoming album: Goldsharing how hard he worked on it.

He then began interacting with fans’ comments while playing music in the background. Eventually, he started playing his BTS members’ solo songs and singing along.

When it was Suga’s turn, Jungkook played “Haegeum” from D-DAYand shared a funny episode about this. After the song’s release, Suga surprised ARMY with a full choreography that then turned into a dance challenge.

Suga completed the task with many artists, including NewJeans, SSERAPHIM, TEXT, SEVENTEENand his classmates Jimin And J-Hope.

However, according to Jungkook, the rapper often sulked that Jungkook never participated in the dance challenge. He began to imitate his hyung whined at him for this reason.

Although Jungkook was unable to complete the dance challenge with Suga, during a recent performance on Weverse, he promised that he would complete the challenge and upload it to his TikTok. But instead of dancing to the chorus like everyone else did, he said he would do the hardest part of the choreography as Suga.

Although he admitted that “Haegeum” was not an easy choreography, he was confident that he could handle it.

Now we just have to wait!


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