Bulgari Hotel Rome Opens With VIP Party, Zendaya to Priyanka Chopra Among Celebs

Like a casket full of precious gems, Bulgari Hotel Rome, Hospitality excellence culminates – just to get an idea – in a prestigious 300 square meter suite overlooking the center of Rome. It is the twelfth in the series (there is also one in milan), but most powerful from a symbolic point of view, in Piazza Augusto Imperatore, the historical figure who brought ancient Rome into the future.

Vanity Fair did A private tour with project director Roberto Mariani Come to see what’s hidden in this place of wonders after the opening of One Thousand and One Nights (with DJs and colorful drones). Just imagine Zendaya and Priyanka Chopra, brand ambassadors, he cut the opening ribbon Surrounded by a rain of local stars. Italian icons were there, including Miriam Leone, Vittoria Puccini, Sarah Felberbaum, Matilde Gioeli and Anna Foglieta – all aspiring to the place that once belonged to Anna Magnani and Monica Vitti, but still a long way off. Sublime, as always, Adèle Exarchopoulos, fresh from the glory Cannes Film Festival,

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However, the beauty of this hotel is not just for the customers. Like Domus via Condotti, it exists One area that can be visited by appointment is the library which includes all sections of the city, 1956 set in Albini for the Cassina bookcase, with walnut floors and rubelli curtains in golden silk that depict the Pantheon’s geometric bottom. Beyond the bar and restaurant – with private lounges – that clearly inspired the Bella Époque, welcome visitors with French tables based on a 1925 design and wall mirrors that reflect the columns of the Tomb of Augustus.

The building, owned by the Benetton real estate holding company, underwent a nearly three-year restoration by Bulgari that brought it back to its 1934 splendor, when it was one of three that formed the corolla of the place, with clear references to the Roman arcade . Augustus, the first emperor of Rome, is known for making three architectural jewels to solidify his power: the mausoleum, indeed, but also the Ara Pacis and the Pantheon, He is the one who said he found a brick Rome and left it in marble. And not just any, but from all provinces, a symbol of welcome and unity in diversity. That’s why the rooms and suites are decorated with one of four specially made Italian marbles.

A holiday at this hotel is an experience, a tribute to the beauty of the past that is slowly being rediscovered by great artists and craftsmen. to this day it is Fully Booked (6 months onwards) Because the wait has paid off. And to end this cheeky hymn to luxury with a spa, swimming pool, gym et cetera, it ends with a garden on the terraces, which recalls the terraces of Rome as it was decorated with the same local clay quarries was rebuilt and installed in it. a spicatum. Even street grills are branded because The hotel has re-evaluated the area and by Christmas it is expected that the mausoleum will be able to admire its former glory, For now, all we have to do is enjoy the high jewelry works displayed in the corridors, the portraits of Dolce Vita’s divas and the priceless details found around every corner.

Also ideal as an aperitif or with a view of dinner. And what a sight!

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