Bullet train: a thriller aboard a high-speed train

It comes up Sky Cinema One (and is also present in the catalog of NOW) in the early evening on Monday February 27thdeparting at 21:15the thriller Bullet traindirected in 2022 by David M. Leitch. The film is an adaptation of the novel The Seven Killers of the Shinkansen (Maria Bitoru) written by Kōtarō Isaka in 2010.

Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is a professional criminal who, on behalf of a secret organization, carries out dangerous assignments even at the risk of killing anyone who gets in the way of his plans. When he is entrusted with the task of taking possession of a mysterious suitcase in transit on the Shinkansen, a very high-speed train that connects Tokyo and Kyoto, and guarded by the Lemon goons (Brian Tyree Henry) and Tangerines (Aaron Taylor Johnson), Ladybug discovers that there are other shady individuals on that train.

For example, poison expert Hornet (Zazie Olivia Beetz), Mexican killer Wolf (Bad bunny), and the young The Prince (Joey King), also intending to steal the briefcase. During the journey, a fierce challenge between all the contenders will take place…

A choral and first-rate cast (which also features Sandra Bullock, Channing Matthew Tatum, Ryan Rodney Reynolds and the director himself) for a film that is not always linear but capable of entertaining thanks to thrilling scenes and some amusing dialogues.

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