Bulls legend Michael Jordan-Scottie Pippen beef prompts Dennis Rodman prediction

Chicago Bulls legends Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen formed one of the greatest duos in sports when they dominated the NBA in the ’90s. But today, that great chemistry is nowhere to be found off the court, with Pippen openly expressing his hatred for Jordan.

However, another Chicago legend, Dennis Rodman, believes Pippen and Michael Jordan will eventually take it.

“A lot has happened in the last few years. So, I think Scotty was a little bitter and Michael was more laid back and said, ‘Okay, whatever,’ but they’ll figure it out.” According to TMZ Sports , Rodman discussed his thoughts on the Jordan and Pippen saga.

Pippen’s dissatisfaction with Jordan mainly stems from the release of Jordan’s Last Dance documentary in 2020, which he believed did not give enough recognition to other players on the team.

Jordan and Pippen won six NBA championships together with the Bulls. It took an unprecedented on-court camaraderie like MJ Pippen’s to lead a team to such success in just a decade. I hope the two can resolve their differences and become good friends again. Millions of people became NBA fans in the 1990s when they saw Jordan and Pippen dominate their opponents, so if the two can repair their friendship, it will bring great happiness to fellow fans of the league. , although this seems far-fetched. Right now.

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