“But there’s no way I would…”: When Chris Evans asked Lizzo to let him play piano on her next album

About Damn Time singer Lizzo once asked Chris Evans to play piano on her new album last year. However, the Captain America actor shared that he still has several years of practice ahead of him before he is qualified enough for the role. Lizzo and Chris Evans have shared a flirty online relationship that not only includes drunken texts, but also a fake pregnancy announcement.

Chris Evans reveals the reason he couldn’t accept Lizzo’s request to play piano on her new album

In an interview with Extra last year, Chris Evans was asked to comment on whether he would play piano on Lizzo’s new album. To this, Evans replied: “I’m not good enough to play piano on the album.” He added: “I play piano, but there’s no way I’d be qualified to actually play on anyone’s album, let alone Lizzo’s.”

He also noted with a grin that the offer was appreciated. He said: “And that’s very nice of her. No, no, I’ll need a few more years of lessons.

Lizzo made the request on an episode of the Spout podcast, saying, “I literally hit him and it was like, ‘Play piano on my album,’ and he just said, ‘Huh,'” she said, bursting into laughter. “That would be very cool! But, unfortunately, not this time.”

Lizzo and Chris Evans have a flirty relationship that includes drunken texts and pregnancy rumors.

On the other hand, Lizzo would not miss the opportunity to talk about Chris Evans, which is very interesting to us. Evans is the perfect sport when it comes to exchanging flirty messages. It all started back in June 2019 when Evans tweeted, “This kid is cooler than I could ever hope for.” To this, Lizzo cheerfully replied, “Wow, marry me.” Two years later, Lizzo decided to film herself texting the MCU actor while drunk. She took to TikTok to share a video of her private conversation with Evans and captioned it: “Don’t drink and DM kids.” Responding to this, Evans wrote: “There is no shame in drunken DMs. God knows I achieved even more with this app.”

Back in August 2021, Lizzo joked about how Chris Evans got her pregnant. In a TikTok video dispelling the rumors, the singer responded to a fan who joked that Lizzo was pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby. She joked: “It’s something I’ve really tried to keep a secret just between me and my baby’s father. But since we’re spreading all the rumors today, I’m getting caught up. We will have a little America!

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