“Ca-co”, Candela Pérez’s secrets to becoming a great runner

“Ca-co”, Candela Pérez’s secrets to becoming a great runner

Walk at least 10,000 steps a day Enhance heart function and burn extra calories and the traditional Mediterranean diet, which does not lack vegetables and combines carbohydrates with protein It is the health formula of Candela Pérez (Bigastro, Alicante, 1993) Stay in shape and stay away from the ghosts that threaten your mental health.

The stylish runner swapped her ballet flats for running shoes 10 years ago to escape the pressure of rigorous dance. This year Ginger Club was created, a group of healthygirls’ sports and lifestyle It provides the tools to promote health and improvement through proper training and nutritional advice.

‘It’s never too late to start running,’ says Candela Perez In the wellness resort designed by Zel, Meliá Hotels International hotel and Rafael Nadal Promoting relaxation and healthy leisure in Mallorca.

Pérez, running ambassador for El Corte Inglés, encourages those They want to start running with “ca-co” technology, It’s nothing more than alternating walking and jogging. “Walk for three minutes, run for one minute, five times,” he explains as he puts on his Hoka Clifton 9 shoes. Some shoes to avoid ankle and knee injuries.

“Minutes spent walking decrease over time Add them to a progressive running series that, best of all, is stress-free,” Continue along the Palmanova beach promenade with girls from the sports community.

Candela Pérez stressed that the only proven way to treat stress-related conditions is exercise, physical activity or activities that make us feel good, whether it’s walking on the beach or tending to the garden, strong defender of healthy nutrition Contains essential trace elements and vitamins for the human body, promotes cell regeneration, relieves fatigue and anxiety, Processing of the product is prohibited. “The more homemade the food, the better,” he stresses.

“Walking is an exercise we can all do and it is recommended to take at least 10,000 steps a day,” he insisted at the Zell Mallorca retreat. Among them are the Casa Barré isometric training methods. It’s a different kind of workout routine that lets you get your heart rate up and sculpt your muscle groups by combining ballet, Pilates, and yoga.

The beauty workshop part is directed by Royal Touch, Innovative therapy experts explain the best manual tips for eliminating toxins that dull skin, and some of them Massage also enhances body functions and improves the immune system.

“Zel is designing a complete experience plan for the 2024 season Join the best “wellness” experts to cement this great community of people seeking relaxation Antonio Albiol, general manager of ZEL Mallorca, explains:

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