Campaign against influenza: more Andalusians vaccinated than in 2023

this flu campaign Ministry of Health promotes successful vaccination this year Twice as many Andalusians as in 2023, according to published data. Since December 11 last year, Andalusia has had sites where people can be vaccinated against the virus without an appointment. all, 292,302 people Decided to get vaccinated, which means 104.2% increase over 2022-2023 activity, 143,143 people were vaccinated at that time.Andalusians who have not yet been vaccinated against influenza and covid-19 should do so because Vaccination time extended by another week All vaccination sites in Andalusia do not require an appointment.

Andalusia has been managed 1,768,479 doses of flu vaccine and 1,118,881 people against this case Influenza vaccination as a child, 126,714 children have been vaccinated, with a coverage rate of this case Over 60 years old, flu coverage is 57.3% and Covid-19 coverage is 41.3% (65% of people over 65 have received a flu vaccine).As for Over 85 years old, 75.3% had received a flu vaccine and 57.4% had received a Covid-19 vaccine.Finally, 90.6% of people senior housing had received a flu vaccine and 84.9% had received a Covid-19 vaccine.

Andalusia leads the way in vaccinations

According to data from the Ministry of Health, as of January 18, Andalusia is above the national average. Regarding the influenza vaccination rate among minors aged 6 to 59 months, Spain averages 35.2%, while Andalusia reaches 44%, behind Murcia (50.2) and Galicia (51,6). In terms of vaccination rate for people over 65 years old, the national average is 63%, and the Andalusian average is 64.7%, ranking eighth.

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