Camper on Paradise1 during the week of August 21 to 25, 2023.

With the arrival of the new television season 2023-2024 at noon, Rai1 will see Antonella Clerici return to the screen along with her entire team of chefs and experts of the successful program. It’s always noon!the fourth edition of which will begin on September 11, 2023. In anticipation of the return of Clerici and her co-creators, the programs will air on the network starting in June. Camper AND Camper on the way on Rai1 the first was conducted by Marcello Masi, and the second by Tinto and Roberta Maurice.

The program was born in 2022 and was hosted by Tinto and Roberta Maurice, who hosted experts on nutrition, travel and various topics in the studio, and also showed videos about various places in Italy, where the program’s correspondents traveled to explore new tastes and festivals. and curiosities from different regions of the peninsula. However, in 2023 the program was divided into two parts: first Camper on the way with Tinto and Roberta Maurice who, unlike last year, travel through a specific area of ​​Italy, exploring curiosities with a local expert, to discover and introduce the public, without leaving home, to gastronomic and wine traditions, legends and places where they recommended to travel. . Second part, Campersees Marcello Masi staying in the studio while experts visit him and run videos, as happened in the first season.

Camper on the road in the province of Syracuse from August 21 to 25, 2023 on Rai1

During the week of August 21 to 25, camper Camper on the road will transport Roberta Maurice and Tinto between provinces Syracuse, crossing Eastern Sicily before in Porto Palo di Capopassero. Along with them is Professor Umberto Broccoli, who will assign the two masters several missions that will lead them to explore. Famous, an area that is divided between the sea, villages and nature reserves. Will also be visited Vendikarsky Reserve AndOrtygiaas well as a feature Marzamemi. Place will be given to art, in particular Greek Theater of Syracuse and toancient puppetry. Regarding the world of food and wine, typical products, local wines and traditional local Calabrian dishes will be presented. Finally, Ciro Vestita will advise us what to look for in Calabria, noting what nature offers us.

Camper returns to Calabria from 21 to 25 August 2023 on Rai1.

During the week of August 21st to 25th Camper will dedicate new episodes Calabria explore the wonders of this land. Marcello Masi will be accompanied in the studio by many guests who will provide a lot of information about the region, and among them we will find the journalist Ernesto Assante and the presenter and journalist Manuela Moreno. As for correspondents, Monica Caradonna will be on call. Ciro where you will taste typical local wines, as well as food and wine delicacies passing by San Giorgio Morgetofamous for its oil, Corigliano for clementines, Serra San Bruno for mushrooms and finally San Floro where he will go to discover ancient grains. However, Valentina Caruso and Maria Onori will demonstrate artistic and archaeological beauties by going to Castella Sulla.Capo Rizzuto Island, To MUSABA from MammolaTo Capo ColonnaTo Saint Francis of Paola it’s in Sibari. Elisa Silvestrin will be there to show us the most beautiful beaches in the region. Condofuri, Crotone, Gizzeria, Sovereign, Rose Garden Capo Spulico AND Protection fee and Francesco Gasparri will travel through the Sila Park and meet with way of Saint Francis and then follow the trails of the San Nicola a Caulonia waterfalls, Lake Arvo and Monte Botte. Former elf translator in Melevize Lorenzo Branchetti will discover the villages Squillace, Gerace, Rossano, San Floro AND Protection fee. Fabrizio Nonis will explain how to cook better pork chop with cherries Andtricolor roll. In the section on country festivals we will have Annalisa Baldi, who visited Salento for the Te Lu Rano festival and others Taranto for the famous Palio.

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