Can Naomi Osaka accomplish the “tennis mom” feat that even Serena Williams can’t achieve? An American reporter makes an interesting point (exclusive)

After recently becoming a mother, Naomi Osaka now begins a new chapter in her competitive journey. The Japanese tennis star is back on tour after a season-long maternity leave juggling her roles as an athlete and a parent. While there are many doubts about her on-court ability, a prominent tennis reporter recently made a bold “Grand Slam” prediction for Osaka.

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For WTA players, winning a Grand Slam while being a parent is undoubtedly a difficult task. Even someone like Serena Williams failed to do so after coming close four times. However, Ben Rothenberg has recently spoken out about his belief that Osaka will be successful, something the American tennis icon has not been during his time on tour.

Tennis boss tells how Naomi Osaka achieved rare feat on women’s tour


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No WTA player has won a Grand Slam title on tour as a parent since Belgian tennis veteran Kim Kleist. It’s worth noting that in an exclusive interview with EssentiallySports, Ben Rothenberg was asked if he believed Osaka could make it into this elite club of tennis moms.

He replied: “From what we’ve seen, I think she definitely has a chance. I mean, I’m not going to say it’s a guarantee that she’s going to do it, but her performance definitely gives her a chance. Yeah, Serena Can’t do it. Azarenka hasn’t done that so far. One of the things Serena and Azarenka have in common as mothers is that they both lost in Grand Slam finals as mothers. Naomi Osaka.”

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After mentioning other tennis moms, including Williams and Azarenka, the famed tennis journalist said: “I mean, there are good young players coming out all the time, and it’s not just Naomi. It also has to do with the way she competes online. So, the choice is not entirely Naomi’s destiny.” During the conversation, Rotenberg also expressed his appreciation for Osaka’s first-round win at the Brisbane International.

Prominent tennis reporter praises Osaka’s recent performance


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In her comeback match in Brisbane, the four-time Grand Slam singles champion easily defeated German opponent Tamara Kopacz in straight sets 6-3, 7-6. Rosenberg, while heaping praise on her recent performance, also said he was excited to see Osaka when she returns to action this season.

I have already said, “But when she’s at her best, I do think she’s still one of the best. I think we saw that in Brisbane and it was a very clear reminder of what she’s capable of. So, yeah, I’m excited to see what she can do, and she looks very motivated. If she does it, it will definitely be an incredible achievement.”

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