Can Victor Wembanyama continue LeBron James’ legacy as a rookie? (+Analysis)

when there are only a few hours left Veteran LeBron James begins his 21st season in the NBAthere is a lot of focus on him because he is one of the trend-setting players of the past two decades and a must-mentioned figure of this century, but “The King” has been a figure since his rookie season and today , many dared to compare that novel movement to those that came before it. VĂ­ctor Wembanyama could go No. 1 in draft.

And the Frenchman, who is 2.24 meters tall, has become the center of attention just 20 years after the premiere of “James”, because Wembanyama attracted people’s attention. Similar to the feeling experienced by Lakers players.

In this sense, “Wimpy” leaves an open space with his tremendous size and skill to be able to carry on the legacy of “The King” in some way.

Scouts, executives and the media view them as can’t-miss prospects. Both men were already internationally renowned before entering the league, even without college basketball to amplify their impact.

“(Wembanyama) has had this kind of hype for a long time, kind of like when LeBron came out of nowhere. In that sense, I compare him more to LeBron than to (the former Spur) No. 1 overall pick Tim Duncan and David Robinson),” San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich said. “Of course, I worry about that. One of my biggest worries is figuring out how to protect him or how I’m going to address him about this and everything.”

A rather strange fact is that when James first came on the league’s board of directors, the European Wenban Yama was just two months old. But even though he was from a different generation, he wanted the same things.

“I’m really looking forward to discovering everything I’ve seen on TV before. All the stories. All the stadiums. The atmosphere. All of that is very precious to me,” Wembanyama said. “I know it’s going to bring incredible things and obstacles. I know it’s going to be a great year. I know I’m making memories now that will last forever.”

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