Can you be who you want to be?

I had a chance to see the Barbie movie in theaters this week, and it’s undeniably full of messages that mean a lot to women, and sure enough, the movie sparked a lot of discrimination, ridicule, and hate.

As a kid I didn’t really like playing with barbie dolls, I really liked playing outside, I couldn’t understand how girls and even my sister could love playing with dolls so much. Barbie is the stereotype of what a woman should be, physically she is skinny, she has long legs, she is 60, 90, 60, she is blonde, she is young, and she can’t speak, in short, she is perfect . It never ages, no cellulite, no wrinkles, it’s unreal.

Barbie had to change over the years because it was no longer fun for girls and since then there have been Barbie doctors, veterinarians, lawyers, astronauts and all the intellectual versions she has now, most of them still thin and young and also That is to say, their essence has not changed, only their profession has changed.

In the movie Barbieland (where Barbie lives) the world is shown turned upside down, a matriarchal utopia where women dominate, are self-sufficient and successful in all the jobs that matter, and men are just supplementary , then in the real world (in the one we live in) there is patriarchy, men run everything, women hate women, men hate women, and that’s the only thing everyone agrees on.

If we analyze the panorama, we realize the very painful truth told as a joke, of course, to entertain the audience, and the fact that it’s not so brutal, women always need more than men,’ which actually It’s impossible to “be a woman”, you have to be skinny but not so bad, you have to be the boss but you can’t be too bad, you have to grow old forever, you have to take care of your vocabulary, you have to be independent but not selfish, Even if you are a mother, you have to prepare constantly, but not so much because you have to be a mother and you should always take care of others.

You have to dress up, but not too vain, but also don’t dress up too much to threaten other women, because you have to be beautiful, but you can’t fail, or feel scared, or hysterical, or angry, or cry, you have to be very Gratitude, but most of all, things never stray from what has been set. This all sounds difficult, right? Because in the end, if something goes wrong, it will be your fault.

What these demands teach us is a symbolic violence that establishes that women are worth less than men, yet we can make our femininity stand out from other women so that we can stand out and ultimately be accepted by men, we have our We were taught that we should always look prettier, thinner, quieter, or less hysterical than the guy next door.

Women have only one enemy and it’s called “the patriarchy” that makes us victims of sexual violence, domestic violence, femicide, street harassment, sexting, discrimination, and many other issues, the real struggle is to be able to destroy all those beliefs so that We are being targeted for atrocities, it’s time to unite like Barbie dolls and fight for equality in a world that keeps telling us that a woman’s worst enemy is and always will be another woman.

The big question is: Can you be who you want to be as a woman? The answer that comes to mind is that if you’re willing to face everything that tells you you can’t, then you can.

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