Can you become disabled from the flu?

While working, IMSS policyholders are exposed to risks that may cause accidents or illness, both inside and outside the workplace.

While working, persons insured by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) Exposed to risks that could lead to accidents or illness inside and outside the workplacefor this purpose they have temporary incapacity to work (ITT), which buffers the economic impact when workers are unable to carry out their activities.

The IMSS doctor is responsible for issuing the certificate and determining the likely time for recovery from the insured’s illness..

It is important to take into account:

  • Disability is granted under the occupational risk (RT) branch when impairment of health results from an accident or illness occurring at work.
  • If the physical inability to work is due to reasons unrelated to work, this corresponds to the branch of general illness (GE).

Different characteristics of ITT For work risk, relevant to the allowance are: No weeks of contributions are required, 100% of the salary registered in the IMSS will be paid from the beginning of the disability. According to IMSS Medical Services, your payment limit is from one day to the end of 52 weeks.

in the case of General illnesses, according to the characteristics of the benefit are: Contributions required four weeks before the onset of the illness For casual workers, six weeks within four months before the disability begins.

In addition, from the fourth day to the end of the 52nd week, the payment rate will be 60% of the wages registered in the IMSS.this can be extended by up to a further 26 weeks if the medical service determines the worker needs more time to recover and return to work.

When this benefit is granted, the treating physician will specify the number of days of disabilitytaking into account the damage to health, the cause of the disability, other illnesses the patient may be suffering from at the time, and the patient’s functional evaluation of the job and its specific activities.

When prescribing ITT, for work positions, health professionals Taking into account: occupation or work, specific tasks, physical, mental, psychophysical and social activities.

When issuing the initial disability certificate, the institution’s attending physician or dental surgeon will determine the likely time for recovery from the insured person’s illness, taking into account the natural history of the disease, severity, type of treatment used, and age. , comorbidities, and job positions held when necessary.

It is important that after workers receive ITT, they provide their employer with a copy of the document verifying the benefit so they can be notified.

For more information or clarification of doubts, insured workers can visit their corresponding occupational health service center.

Does the flu count as a disability?

Respiratory diseases are therefore part of the occupational disease schedule and the permanent disability assessment schedule, but are assessed by a doctor and, where appropriate, days of disability are prescribed..

In the case of a disease, doctors will consider its severity to determine possible recovery time, The type of treatment used, the patient’s age and comorbidities, and their location.

It is important to note that COVID-19 is considered a disease that affects work performance..

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