Cancellation culture: what it is, failures and recent developments

If you make a mistake, I will delete you.this is the leitmotif of recent years in social networks, cancel crops it is a phenomenon that rewrites the socio-cultural coordinates of our days.
It mostly happens on social networks like Twitter And Instagramthe characters involved in these real sabotage operations range from the world of entertainment to literature, from sports to art.
Those who have been canceled are united by the swift fading into oblivionamong the most hated characters on social media, among the most famous cases of Donald Trump, JK Rowling, LizzoArmie Hammer, Kanye West, Will SmithOlivia Wilde and Geoffrey Star.

What is it and where does it come from cancel crops? Cancellation culture began in America in 2010 on Tumblr, at the time a niche social network that discussed topics that were considered minor at the time, gaining a foothold in the blogging community, the term is beginning to be used in 2017 on Twitter.
Various English dictionaries associate the spread of this term with #Me too GGiven that several world-famous actors and producers were first found to be in trouble and then put on trial both in and out of court. Online criticism has always existed, but in the case of cancellation culture, this behavior aimed at remove famous person in question and deprive the media power of the latter, a relationship that instills in show business itself a certain sense of discernment today as the lines between fame and cancellation become increasingly blurred.
Unlike the culture of call which is based on a sense of responsibility for the wrong done and on apologies, in case cancel crops we are seeing a very fast process of analysis that is less lenient and for this reason is contested by those who think it is wrong that a few clicks the good deeds of the accused may be annulled.
To the unsocial eye, this may seem like a bad and superficial way of managing delicate social dynamics, but it is important to understand that this way of responding to scandals is change in power dynamics where social networks are set up as a space where people come together to decide the fate of others, often richer and more famous.
For this reason, various American politicians believe that this dangerous practices and a communist, however, some of these characters were accused of financial and sexual crimes, so their theories were completely influenced by their own skeletons in the closet.

It’s useless to deny that class struggleAND has ties to cancellation culture, the Internet is often the only space available to minorities or ethnically, economically or sexually ostracized citizens, and it is important that they can use it as a tool to express frustration or condemnation.
The old space, which used to deal with scandals, i.e. politics, tended to isolate corrupt individuals, while today novelty is that you have access to a much wider conversation available to anyone with a mobile phone.
What many call boycotthappens in social media, not only limited to online discussions and mass unsubscribes, it can also happen due to damage to the sales of various products such as books, as in the case of JK Rowling (accused of transphobia) and the publishers of R. Dahl’s book “Matilda” (accused of xenophobia and girophobia).

Cancellation culture doesn’t always work, a few times it fails, because the community of people who still support those who have been canceled is stronger in the media than those who try to speak out against, these are the cases of TV presenters like Ellen DeGeneresJames Corden and Jimmy Fallon but also among YouTubers and beauty influencers such as Mikayla Nogueira and Jeffrey Star.
A rebirth from the ashes like a phoenix is ​​possible for those VIPs who have the opportunity not only financially but also in the media, it is no coincidence that some of these characters who manage to win cancellation were also followed by big television slots. by audiences outside the millennium and by a generation that cannot understand such an approach to the problem of a famous person.
A pan-Italian case of cancellation culture could be the case Marco Ferreroknown online as iconizecanceled in 2020 after false suffer attack physicists by a group of homophobes.
After a long detox from social media and various apology messages, Ferrero resumed the use of social media and still choose different brands sponsor products and services.
This was made possible not only because Ferrero has several media and management experts behind him, but also because, thanks to his friendship, he has the opportunity to collect followers also from other profiles, primarily from the profile Elektra Lamborghiniheiress and singer.

Recently under me spotlight from cancellation culture there is an American singer and flutist Lizzo, three former dancers who worked for her accused her of creating a working environment hostile and not only that, there is more allegations of sexual harassment regarding the episodes in which the singer forced her employees to eat banana from the vagina strippers in Amsterdam.
What upset the public the most was, of course, the allegations of ashamed in particular, one of the dancers, who says she felt condemned for gaining a couple of kilos.
The story gets worse as it is consumed by various gossip and news networks, with more ex-employees and professionals who confirm the version of the dancers, Lizzo decided to speak out in a typical statement written Note his iPhones in which she uses her looseness as an excuse to defend herself against the accusations.
Literally, she writes: “I am very open about how I live my sexuality and what i express myselfbut I can’t accept or allow people to use this openness to turn me into something I’m not. These sensational stories they come from people who have already publicly admitted to being warned about inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.»
In the absence of an accurate comparison of the contested actions, Lizzo applies one tactics repair and restoration work approximate which was not intended to create a victim, as many do, but to denigrate those who accuse her as in terms ofmental openness how professional.

The network is not satisfied multiple lines dialed from a mobile phone, this is pretty much understandable given Lizzo’s status as an icon and spokesperson bodypositiveher years of activism in creating television spaces for women. seductive meant that the disappointment about this event was even greater, and therefore this anger on the part of the fans corresponds to an equal furious cancellation publish.
Before process there will certainly be further repercussions in this story as social networks always want to know Truththere are those who do not believe in ballerinas and tears in different morning show Americans did not hesitate for a second to criticize Lizzo, accusing her of arrogant and manipulative.
Indeed, after the accusations, the facts resurfaced personal life a singer that caused her to lose recognition and exacerbates the negative impact of cancellation culture on her career. In fact, it seems that singer start a relationship with a guy Mike Wright while he had been in a romantic relationship with another woman for ten years, the news of betrayal apparently it spread across social media almost immediately and was trending news on TikTok for several hours.
Meanwhile, Lizzo dropped her own presence on social media and there are no new music or collaborations that see her as a protagonist, she actually follows an almost textbook behavior for those involved in cancellation culture, in many cases attitudes victim blaming (i.e. blaming the victim, in this case former employees) only leads to an even faster loss of popularity. Even the one that was considered as such Expensive in America can be saved from presumptuous reservations in front of his followers.
Of course it is guilty or less it will take years for her to get out of media storm in which she participates, her career may change dramatically or even suffer failure.

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