Cannes 2023, beauty trends on the red carpet

After the Oscars and the Met Gala, the most anticipated red carpet on the calendar is definitely Cannes, a showcase of spring beauty trends, but above all of the upcoming summer. The 2023 edition doesn’t disappoint in terms of glamour, opulence and opulence with the participation of many stars, including actresses, singers and supermodels, who brought us the mood of the moment on a silver platter. hair and makeup. Many confirmations, but also some innovations, such as even higher hairstyles and intense makeup, unthinkable a few years ago on the occasion of the genre, which gives space to red and burgundy lips and graphic eyes, sometimes surrounded by unexpected color.

10 beauty trends endorsed on the Cannes 2023 red carpet

Lateral line

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Katherine Langford

Vittorio Zunino Celotto//Getty Images

Some asymmetrical hairstyles that celebrities choosewhich “force” the original cut or focus on a different style to give the image volume, and in some cases even a vintage touch.

Intense lips and bare eyes

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Iris Low

Samir Hussein//Getty Images

The gimmick, seen and reviewed at Cannes 2023, focuses on intense lipsfrom red to burgundy until it touches black, leaving the eyes open: only a veil of mascara is allowed.

Maxi blush

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Uma Thurman

Mark Piasecki//Getty Images

The contour is nuanced and imperceptible, while to be seen on the cheeks beautiful is the blushcreamy, colourful, smoothing and radiant enough for a healthy glow effect perfect for summer to enhance tanned skin.

long bangs

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Katherine Marlon

Daniele Venturelli//Getty Images

On the one hand, long and very long bunches that sensually emerge from the crops, on the other maxi fringe, more or less long, very generous, but never punishing. In fact, their uniforms are on display to keep the eyes free.

Seeds are collected very high and pulled out

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Hana Cross

Daniele Venturelli//Getty Images

Continue the trend vertical hairstyles, or additionally combed and very tight, directed towards the top of the head. Aside from the usual lineups, a few dainty and easily replicable harvested seeds have been spotted on the French red carpet. In any case, the lifting effect is guaranteed.

Soft smoky

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Andie MacDowell

Vittorio Zunino Celotto//Getty Images

earthy smoky, which combine matte and metallic finishes, frame the eyes of celebrities, giving depth to the look with great elegance. This is the coolest makeup style right now.

low cultures

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Winnie Harlow

Mark Piasecki//Getty Images

Low chignon, my lovewhether classic, knotted or side, it is important that the hair is well brushed, that the center or side line is well defined and precise, and that everything is carefully disciplined for a truly glamorous look.

wet look

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Mary List

Christy Sparow//Getty Images

The stars still lovewet look and the red carpet at Cannes proves it, where many opted, in particular, to pull their hair back, leaving their faces completely exposed.

Oily eyeliner

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Olivia Culpo

Daniele Venturelli//Getty Images

At last the soft glam engagement is over, now it’s the turn of the flowers participate in the most important festivals and awards, always organized in a sophisticated way. Here is the fact that the eyeliners become thicker and sometimes not black, but purple, blue, burgundy, in combination with the rest of the nude face, they become even more explosive.


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Tina Kunaki

Stefan Cardinale – Corbis//Getty Images

It doesn’t matter if he’s high, medium or low, what matters is that it’s a tailDefinitely the summer 2023 hairstyle as it is brushed and refined as it was worn by various guest stars at the Cannes Film Festival.

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