Cannes, Frémaux on the absence of Woody Allen: “The controversy would have taken over”


In an interview with Le Figaro, the director of the Cannes Film Festival Thierry Fremaux, explained why films by Woody Allen and Roman Polański were not selected for the film event. The reason is different for the two directors, at the center of long-standing controversies related to abuses.

“We haven’t seen Polański’s film (The Palace). Woody Allen is a bit special, I saw it without looking at it. The film was not a candidate. We also know that if his film were screened in Cannes the controversy would take the upper hand against his film and against the other films” Frémaux explained.

Woody Allen filmed Coup de Chance in Paris with actors of the caliber of Melvil Poupad and Valérie Lemercier, with the help of the director of photography Vittorio Storaro. Allen’s last presence at the Cannes Film Festival dates back to 2016 with Café Society.

Despite the issues related to Polański and Allen, Frémaux decided to judge the issues related to Johnny Depp and director Maïwenn differently; their film Jeanne du Barry will open the Cannes Film Festival.
Depp is back from a long film legal proceedings with ex-wife Amber Heard while Maïwenn was sued by a French journalist for assault.
Frémaux specified that both have not been legally indicted for committing a crime and are therefore fully eligible for selection for the festival.

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