Canvas Tote Bag: Stars’ New Budget Trend

Forget (at least for a few minutes) about luxurious designer bags at exorbitant prices when circumstances require it. practicality even celebrities allow themselves choice budgetary. Especially in terms of bags. Contrary to what usually happens, this time the stars seem to have been the latest to pick up on the trend. But since when did they cleared the bags in cotton it’s free for everyone.

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They take up little space and show off attractive designwhile maintaining a small budget. A simple square or large rectangular tote bag is a must when it comes to University, Job and even beach.

Tote bags: even celebrities love them

Their practicality is irresistible even for those who can afford all the designer bags from last season. From Kendall jenner To Emily Ratajkowski passing through Olivia wilde, Katie Holmes AND Margot Robbie. The list of stars who have succumbed to the comfort of cotton bags is long. They slowly climbed the Olympus of accessories, starting from the lowest steps, demonstrating that in addition to comfort, they can boast of glamor and a sense of style. WITH written, simple color or signed by some Maison, le canvas bags cotton have been cleared through customs.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JULY 20: Emily Ratajkowski walks her dog on July 20, 2023 in New York City.  (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Emily Ratajkowski in New York with her dog, black tote bag. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

From signed to more original, which ones to choose

Like a real blank canvas on which to indulge, the tote bag lends itself to any style and imagination. Starting with those who have letters where more intelligent models bought in book Shop belonging museums or exhibitions of themes signed by fashion houses. Saint Laurent, Jill Sander, Patou, Isabel Marant, sometimes a logo is enough. If yes, you want something more, you can choose original designs created by experienced illustrators. How ironic and poignant of Edward Gallorini or more abstract of slower. With variable sizes to choose from to suit your needs, as well as handle length and capacity, once inserted into your bag collection, it can steal the show from the most popular it bags.

Olivia Wilde spotted walking with a friend in Los Angeles.  The 39-year-old American actress and director, wearing a green floral sundress, yellow handbag and yellow Adidas sneakers, met with a friend for shopping and green juice. Please sign:

Olivia Wilde pairs her yellow tote bag with Adidas sneakers on a walk in Los Angeles.

For university, office and more

Roomy enough to contain easily computer, booksa water bottle and personal items, a cotton tote bag is any college student’s best friend. To match with your it-bag, for an elegant and casual mix, it is also suitable for the office. More sportsto hold a towel and change for the gym. Or version summerfor long days in sea.

And even if the stars declare it must have without seasonality, it’s time to invest in models that can change the world for the better, and wear them with pride on different occasions.

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