Captain America: Brave New World

Just hours after the actors’ union strike began, cinematographer Kramer Morgenthau has announced that filming on Captain America: Brave New World is officially complete. Cinecomic will hit the theaters from 26 July 2024.

Captain America: Brave New World filmingAfter more than three months of work, I’m finally finish, Marvel Studios then managed to complete production on the feature film. Hours after the actors’ strike began And among the screenwriters, which instead blocked the development of other projects – by lightning, blade, spiderman 4 and partially deadpool 3,

Captain America: Brave New World – the first details of the cinecomic with Anthony Mackie

Postponed from 3rd May 2024 to 26th July That same year, Cinécomic would approve Sam Wilson\Falcon’s first film (Anthony Mackie) as Captain America after the retirement of Steve Rogers. The end of filming was announced director of photography, kramer morgenthau, with a story on Instagram depicting a take used on set with the words “wrap” — ie, concluded. With work on the sets officially complete and post-production work ready to begin, Captain America: Brave New World Must be able to meet new release dates. In fact Marvel Studios has had to postpone several projects in order to preserve the timelines for Phases 5 and 6 of the MCU and respect the expected order of release,

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The news of the end of filming was welcomed by fans, as the project was in danger of stalling due to an impending actors’ strike. SAG-FTRA Trade Union — which represents most players in the entertainment industry — has in fact now reached the conclusion of its contracts with most Hollywood studios and is asking to renegotiate the terms of the agreement before re-signing it. We even got stars of caliber like Jennifer Lawrence, to support the strike. mark ruffalo and Meryl Streep. Ruffalo’s name is particularly significant – at least for the filming of Captain America: Brave New World – as rumors have been circulating the net for several months potential star cameowho gives body and voice in mcu bruce banner \ hulk, In fact, the feature film will feature two actors who made their debut in the incredible Hulk – however, there was still Edward Norton to play the hero – or liv taylor (Betty Ross) e Tim Blake Nelson (Samuel Stern). The artist then claims his presence Harrison Ford – who replaced the late William Hurt General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross , Carl Lumbly And Danny Ramirez Already in series Falcon and the Winter SoldierWhere They Played Isaiah Bradley And Joaquin Torres — And Finally The MCU’s New Entries Shira Haas, Zosha Roquemore E Rosa Salazar – villain’s interpreter Diamond, The appointment is for 2024, awaiting further updates.

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