Capture audio from movies and TV shows for your Reels with simple Instagram actions

Instagram updated a few days ago to allow uploading content that only your closest friends can see. Now, it’s just announced that another update to the social network is coming so that movie audio can even be included in Reels.In other words, since the new hub clamp it will be possible Access audio from TV series and movies.

In addition to this novelty, Instagram also brings a series of very eye-catching features with the new update.New reel capacity Edit specific clips to zoom, crop, and more, rotate, undo edits or even redo them. New fonts are also included to highlight text contained within scrolls.

But the most obvious thing is Ability to add audio clips from movies and TV series Even the user’s own new hub clamp These clips with audio can be added to reels. In fact, you can also remix these Reels by inviting friends to make their own remixes. Here’s how it’s done:

  • This new option appears When creating a new reel.
  • It appears on the right: hub clamp.
  • Press it and you can extract TV series, movies or the user’s own audio clips from here.

If this feature is not yet available hub clamp It is recommended to visit Google Play Store or App Store Apple updates Instagram to the latest version. This is one of its biggest new features, so it may take a few hours or days to use it.

New Instagram Audio Center


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Instagram also added 10 new sounds for text-to-speech, these are all in English, although it contains at least six new fonts in different languages, as it should be in Spanish. With the addition of new video editing options to Reels, Instagram is now even more flexible, allowing you to redo or even go back to a draft when inspiration runs out while creating a Reel.

Finally, there is Includes custom stickers, designed specifically for Reels or Stories, has the ability to capture portions of photos or videos to create unique content. A major update to the social network’s mobile app, which also includes new performance statistics measuring the number of Reels and Stories uploaded daily on the Meta-owned social network.

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