Cardi B breathed a sigh of relief after accusations and complaints

There is a key development in regards to the serious allegations that have come down on Cardi B following the infamous incident of throwing a microphone at a passerby.

Cardi B will not be prosecuted after the Las Vegas police finally shut down and stopped investigating an incident that occurred during a concert by an American rapper who threw a microphone at a fan.

The episode, which dates back to last week, came after another viewer who was on Cardi B’s show threw a glass full of water and ice at her.

Cardi B and the mic throw

Snapshots of what happened immediately spread across the network, not only because the episode falls at a time of a rather heated confrontation of very similar incidents, but also at other concerts of great importance and importance. But above all for what it was A Cardi B reaction that could have serious consequences. Even criminal ones.

“After a thorough review of this case, and on the recommendation of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, this case has been closed for lack of sufficient evidence.” a Las Vegas police statement said it had acquired all of the video footage and a large amount of witness testimony.

Both to shed light on the man who doused the rapper with a glass of water, and to understand the real implications of the rapper’s reaction. Immediately after the incident, a woman who claimed that the singer’s microphone was hit in the face filed a claim for damages.

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But the police later ruled out that there could be repercussions for Cardi B. “No charges will be filed in connection with this case,” however, the police wrote in their report.

A highly discussed episode

However, this episode left a big mark on Cardi B’s career. was heavily criticized by the press for her reaction. In an effort to boost its public image, the Cardi B microphone was sold on eBay’s charity auction as part of a successful marketing campaign. At the moment Microphone bids reached $100,000 The auction will finally close tomorrow.

This incident was the last in the episode where objects were thrown at the performers on stage.

Cardi B was attacked but accused of assault – Credit ANSA (

In June, Baby Rex she needed stitches in her face after a passer-by in Chicago hit her with a phone. Following the incident, a 27-year-old man was arrested and charged in connection with the attack. The man in question told police… “I was trying to see if I could hit her with my phone at the end of the show because I thought it would be fun to go viral on social media with a video…”

Too many excessive cases

Also Ava Max got slapped while the country pop artist Kelsey Ballerini she was hit in the face with a bracelet. Evaporator blow Drake during the opening of your tour It’s all blur. Some sex toys have been released in Lil Nas X during his speech. Adele in Las Vegas spoke very strongly about this new fan habit, stating that she was ready to kill (jokingly…) anyone in the audience who threw objects at her.

So the Cardi B incident ended in a stalemate, but it cost the controversial rapper a lot of worry a week later.

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