Cardi B: Mic Drop Investigation Launched

A gesture that could cost her dearly. Days after a viral video of rapper Cardi B throwing a microphone at one of his fans who threw a drink at her during a concert, Las Vegas police announced they were investigating. The video, which has gone viral on social media, shows the “Wap” star taking revenge during a show in Casino City after a viewer hit him in the face with the contents of a glass. However, some videos posted online show the microphone hitting another person. On these grounds, the artist risks

Las Vegas police said the woman contacted her because she was hit by an object thrown from the stage during a concert. This isn’t the first time music stars have taken on their fans. In June, a man threw his phone at Bebe Rexhu during a concert in New York, leaving the singer in the hospital. That same month, another audience member threw a bag believed to contain her mother’s ashes onto the stage while singer Pink was performing in London. Last year, Harry Styles stopped his performance in New York after someone threw chicken nuggets at him, which he happily ate. In early July, singer Adele ironically threatened her fans during a performance in Las Vegas: “Try to throw something at me and I’ll kill you.”

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