Cardi B on ‘Hot Ones’: ‘I Love Roosevelt’

Cardi B literally couldn’t resist in the hot seat.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper is the latest celebrity to appear on “Hot Ones.” The popular YouTube show has amassed a large audience that often leaves guests speechless after eating hot wings that become increasingly spicy as the interview progresses.

Shawn Evans, the show’s host, asked Cardi B questions about her personal life, new music and who she turns to for inspiration.

She discussed “Bongos,” her new song with Megan Thee Stallion. The rapper said that when she first heard the song’s beat, she knew people could dance to it.

“‘Bongos’ just has a theme that you can just hear tropical music on, at the beach or at a pool party,” Cardi B said. “So how do we make the beach feel luxurious? And that’s exactly what we do, honey.

Evans also referenced Cardi B’s 2019 “73 Questions” interview with Vogue, in which she noted that she doesn’t get asked enough about current events, asking her about UFOs and aliens.

Cardi B couldn’t hold back.

“I really don’t believe aliens are real,” she said. “So if aliens are real and they’re smarter than us, I wonder why they didn’t just invade us.”

As the interview progressed, Cardi B fought back the edge, frequently reaching for a glass of milk and a bowl of ice cream.

“I feel like my tongue is drunk,” she said. “I’m trying to say something and it’s like I can’t even concentrate.”

Among the highlights of the conversation between Evans and Cardi B was the revelation of her obsession with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

“If anyone loves me and knows me, I love Roosevelt,” Cardi B said.

“I saw the room where Churchill and Roosevelt discussed nuclear weapons,” she later added. “This is crazy to me! Like, I’m really here!”

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