Cardi B warns “haters” to leave her alone and claims she has receipts that will cause chaos on the internet after Kanye West called her an “illuminati plant”.

Cardi B has sent an ominous message to her “haters” after footage emerged of Kanye West calling her an “Illuminati factory”.

The WAP rapper warned people to leave her alone and let her make her music live on Instagram as she threatened to post “receipts” that would cause the internet to crash.

The 30-year-old already responded once to West, who made comments accusing her of being a plant, in an unreleased 2018 documentary, sharing his own words from 2022 when he said, “I always believed in her.”

In the clip, Cardi B said, “To my haters and all you motherfuckers that want to see a mess, leave me the f**k alone because I come with receipts.

“I will bring this internet into fucking ruins, hell, you don’t even know.”

‘Leave me alone’: Cardi B (pictured live on Instagram) warned her ‘haters’ to back off so she doesn’t drop ‘receipts’ that could cause the internet to crash
Latest: Kanye West, 46, suggested Cardi B, 30, was an industrial enterprise, specifically an “Illuminati factory,” in an unreleased 2018 documentary that leaked on Sunday, prompting a reaction from the WAP artist.

Fans online have been speculating as to who this could be aimed at, with rapper I Wonder being the most common guess.

However, this rant seems to be directed at a few people. Whether any other famous people are part of this group remains a mystery.

She continued, “This is going to be crazy, so let me keep it sweet.” I’ve grown up, keep me there.

“And I won’t just say it with my mouth, I literally got actual receipts with dates on them.

“So leave me alone because you won’t be ready for this.

“Let me do my thing, let me keep working, let me be a mom, let me keep putting out music. Don’t try to breed Belcalis (Cardi B’s real name).

“Love Cardi B, don’t take Belcalis with you. Leave me there, okay?

The singer has already responded to the 46-year-old Chicago native’s viral clip once before, tweeting and then deleting a 2022 clip of West speaking highly of her and her talents in the Hollywood Unlocked video.

In a video released the same year, the pair collaborated on the track “Hot S***” and says he has supported Cardi B since she competed on the reality show Love & Hip-Hop: New York.

“I’ve always believed in her since she’s been on the show,” West said in the clip, which Cardi B posted with a heart emoji.

This contradicts recent comments from 2018 where West says Cardi B “doesn’t write her own raps” but “just makes herself sound as clueless as possible and then makes songs like, ‘Fuck ’em and take some money.’

West, who has remained largely absent from the media since a series of anti-Semitic remarks late last year, added that Cardi B “literally replaced Nicki Minaj” and was “deliberately” positioned for the level of fame she has achieved.

Fine? She concluded by urging people: “Let me do my own thing, let me keep working, let me be a mom, let me keep putting out music.”
Answer: The WAP artist simply responded by posting a clip of West praising her for 2022 (above), with heart emojis to accompany it.
Destined for greatness? Cardi B “literally replaced Nicki Minaj” and was “intentionally” placed at the level of fame she achieved, West said in a new 2018 video.
History: Cardi B isn’t the only successful star to be accused of being an industrial enterprise.
Perry, pictured in London in July, also faces similar charges.

“Now she doesn’t know what to do,” he continued, “and has no idea what the hell is going on.

“She thinks it’s just a blessing from the universe, not a blessing from the damn universe.”

Cardi B is not the first famous person to face this accusation.

Similar discourse has surrounded Billie Eilish, Ice Spice and Katy Perry in recent years, with seemingly immediate rises in fame that some say have been “stuck down consumers’ throats,” according to a 2020 Complex article.

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