Cardi B won’t go to court for throwing the mic

Cardi B will not be tried for the events in Las Vegas, the city’s Metropolitan Police decided, informing the singer’s lawyers.

“Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department informed us this afternoon that there will be no charges against Cardi“, – the singer’s lawyers told reporters TMZ extensionthe US tabloid that was the first to talk about the facts.

On the same days that Baby K was also hit by a fan, or presumably, after one of his concerts, after which she was hospitalized with a chest injury, Cardi B went through a similar experience, with the difference that “The American artist reacted in a different way.” TO Drai’s Beach Club in Las VegasReally, while singing “Bodak Yellow”, one of her most important successes seems to be that the singer asked the audience to throw water on her: so a plastic cup appears from the crowd and hits her in the face. She immediately responds to the gesture by violently throwing the microphone at the fan, although it is not clear if it hits him directly or if the item falls into the crowd.

The microphone was then immediately returned by the production company, who decided to put it up for auction.with a starting point of $500 to donate the proceeds to two charities: The Wounded Warrior Project, which cares for veterans, and the local Las Vegas Friendship Circle, which cares for teenagers born and raised in difficult circumstances.

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