Carob, a healthy and sweet alternative to sugar and cocoa

Having a flavor similar to chocolate and being naturally sweet, it is used as a substitute for cocoa and sugar in confectionery products such as homemade cakes and pancakes And How cocoa drink drink for breakfastbut also how instant coffee substituteadding a spoon to hot water.

Carob is also used in cooking homebaked breador from fresh pastaand due to its thickening ability is used in jams.

This is a very favorite crafting ingredient. ice cream and sorbets homemade healthy, with a little sugar, or cook one Spreading cream with hazelnuts and carob, thus avoiding the addition of cocoa.

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When and how to take carob

“Given its properties, it is a good idea to start the day with one carob drink AND vegetable milk and buckwheat crackers. If we add a source of protein such as eggs, cheese, ham, high quality turkey or chicken salami – no additives – we will have the perfect breakfast that we will be more than satisfied with until lunch,” suggests De La Peña.


As for the preparation of the drink, everything is simple: “Two tablespoons of carob powder, dissolve in a glass of water, milk or other herbal drink. You can add vanilla extract or cinnamon to change the flavor a bit and serve it hot or cold.” Carob is considered an ideal replacement for cocoa, as its powder can also be used as a flour and used in making biscuits, cookies and other desserts, and is also suitable for people suffering from celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

According to an expert at Clínicas Segura, a carob drink should be taken “when we want to avoid overly refined foods, but still want something sweet.” However, “the sugar content in it is also quite high, so it is not advisable to abuse it. For this reason, we mentioned the possibility of including it as an additional element of a healthy diet, in which we delay eating for at least 4 hours so that our body asks for less and less sweet: this will be a sign that it regulates glucose levels.

How to enhance the effect of the carob tree

Maria de la Peña Lonaso also offers a trick to avoid the calorie boost of carob when consumed as a drink: “Choose plant-based milk with no added sugar, such as almond milk: It is low in carbohydrates and also contains some protein, which enhances its satiating effect. We can also get this amount of protein by “adding chia seeds or a small spoonful of 100% almond cream.”

In any case, there are no miracles. In this sense, nutritionist Laura Jorge insists that the carob drink “may be part of the habit change and healthy eating that is essential for weight loss.”

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