Carrulim, an ancestral concoction used by Paraguayans to ‘scare away’ the August flu

Asunción, 1 August (EFE) – Paraguayans welcome the month of August with seven cups of carulim, a natural mixture with medicinal properties that, according to popular belief, purifies the blood, prevents diseases and brings good luck.

Javier Torres, president of the Association of Sellers of Medicinal Plants in the Asunción 4 market, believes the drink, made with cane alcohol, rue and lemon, boosts the body’s defenses and wards off bad luck during winter.

“Through this we can renew the blood and we can drive away diseases and evil spirits,” Torres commented with a smile.

This mixture, in addition to its characteristic flavor, has medicinal properties that make it an ally in the fight against various diseases.

Its benefits, Torres asserts, include its digestive, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, in addition to being considered a booster of the immune system.

So this Tuesday, in squares and stalls across the country, especially in the traditional market of Asunción 4, interested customers can buy the ingredients for this concoction, as well as bottles of “carulim” in various sizes .

The custom stipulates that these seven drinks must be drunk on an empty stomach or before a morning appointment, but there are many people who like to drink them at intervals.

As the eighth month of the year approaches, Paraguayans drink the drink as part of the start of shortages caused by sudden changes in temperature, allergies from tree pollination, and the end of harvest.

Therefore, according to the 2019 decree of the National Secretariat of Culture, every year on August 1, the country celebrates Poha Ñana (herb in Guarani), or Yuyos National Day.

Carrulím’s popularity has been on the rise, and Mercado 4’s medicinal plant vendors are also in high demand this year, sparking interest from tourists looking to immerse themselves in the country’s local customs.

Even Paraguay’s president-elect Santiago Pena joined the tradition this year.

“The inevitable Karurin! From August,” read a post on the future president’s Twitter account.

The publication is accompanied by a photo of Pena drinking the typical drink with Torres.

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