cast reunion to launch season four of HSMTMTS

Lukas Grabel, Monique Coleman, Casey Straw AND Corbin Blue they reunite in a music video called high school reunion for next season High School Musical: The Musical: The Series!

The original stars of the trilogy High School Musicals they return to the franchise to make a fictional fourth film, and this song opens the entire fourth and final season of the series.

The new track was written by Mitch Allan, Chantry Johnson and Michelle Zarlenga, Sophia Wylie and Matt Sato. The video also shows colleagues of Bart Johnson, nicknamed Coach Boltonand Alison Reed, aka Ms. Darbus!

This is just the first taste of the soundtrack for the show’s fourth season, which will feature 28 songs, including new original songs and music from High School Musical 3: Senior Yearthird film of the original saga.

In addition to the musical number, Disney+ has just released new photos of the characters that make up the cast, including the stars. Joshua Bassett, Sophia Wiley, Dara Rene, Julia Lester, Frankie Rodriguez, Kate Reinders, Liamani Segura, Mark St. Cyr, Matt Cornette, Larry Saperstein, Joe Serafini, Adrian Liles and Sailor Bell. As well as new items by Kylie Cantrall and Matt Sato.

As you know, there will be no Olivia Rodrigo, whose character left the series in the third season. The singer and actress recently admitted that she took something from the set where she played Nini Salazar.

The fourth season of HSMTMTS will debut with all episodes on August 9th. And the soundtrack will be released on August 10 on all streaming platforms!

You can watch the trailer below!

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