Catalonia lifts obligation to use masks in health centers

Barcelona, ​​January 30 (EFE) – In view of the improvement in the epidemic of influenza and other respiratory viruses, the Catalan Ministry of Health has lifted from today the mandatory use of masks in the Centers of Health and Social Care, which has been in place since this year Effective from 9th year.month.

The measures will come into effect from midnight today, but health authorities continue to advise people with flu or covid-19 symptoms to use masks correctly when in shared or poorly ventilated spaces or in contact with vulnerable people, in residences and health centres.

According to the Ministry of Health, the obligation to wear masks was introduced by health centers after the serious outbreak of influenza and other acute respiratory viruses in Catalonia was confirmed, but this situation has been overcome.

In principle, the mandatory wearing of masks in health centers is for fifteen days, a measure that has been extended for a further week.

The same source assures that the influenza epidemic has exceeded its peak two weeks ago and the level of transmission remains moderate, adding that the estimated incidence rate is 206 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Among the youngest children, the incidence of influenza A also declined during the week of January 22-28 after detecting a peak the previous week, while the incidence of influenza B did not increase.



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