How to prevent and/or eliminate fluid retention in summer?

One of the most common health and beauty problems is fluid retention. What is this for? How did it come about? “this reserve of liquid May be caused by circulatory problemslack of nutrition, lack of water and Lack of daily exercise.If you want to determine … Read more

Amazon expands its Amazon Clinics healthcare program

Healthcare in the United States is a perpetually unresolved issue.The company and the government have yet to agree, but Amazon has decided to take a step forward by expanding its health care program called “Amazon Clinics.” while in Metered care is free in many countries, … Read more

Watch out for sunny foods

For your own good, do not eat on the street, sanitize and wash your hands before eating fruits and you will avoid Have a medical condition that affects the stomach. Gastrointestinal disorders can be scary and make life difficult. careful! Dr. Jefferson HolkinGeneral practitioners … Read more

Bridge without guardrails – Levante-EMV

But we keep voting. And as long as they leave us, we’ll keep voting, turning a blind eye, like nothing happened. We will follow that inertia, that routine, that habit. We will continue to manufacture ideas, fantasies, and fantasies that are democratically valid; we do … Read more

3 in 4 Rosacea Patients May Have Eye Damage

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder characterized by facial redness or erythema, dilated blood vessels, papules, pustules, and fibrosis. Commonly affected facial areas are the nose, cheeks, forehead, chin, and around the eyes. It usually appears between the third and fifth decade of a … Read more