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On the sidelines of the awards ceremony, Terzobinario interviews Aism’s advisor and volunteer Adele Prosperi.

In recent days, the Committee of the Region of Cerenova-Campo di Mare awarded her with the Commitment Award, the non-partisan and apolitical recognition that the CDZ has been giving for many years to these personalities of the region, regardless of their political affiliation, who have distinguished themselves during the year in the cultural, social fields and in everything that could in one way or another render the citizens a useful service.

Among the winners of this year’s award in memory of the recently deceased journalist Alberto Sava are Adele Prosperi, municipal councilor of Cerveteri, but also, above all, a historical volunteer of AISM – the Italian Association of Sclerosis Multipla, a company that has been engaged in the scientific research of multiple sclerosis for more than half a century.

A prize is always a prize, did you expect it?

No, I did not expect this and was very happy when I received this news. Receiving this award from the Zonal Committee makes me extremely proud, and for many reasons. Firstly, because the citizens gave it to me. Citizens of Cerveteri, in this case residents of Cherenova, whom I do not know personally and who, among so many people, wanted to reward me. A double emotion, because this is the first award named after such a figure in information and journalism in the region as Alberto Sava.

This is an important recognition that the commitments made over the years of volunteering have been accepted by the city, and this can only please me. Both in terms of food aid to the population and my commitment to support research activities, especially in light of such an important reality with half a century of history as Aism – the Italian Association of Multiple Sclerosis.

Because every time I go to the supermarket for food or when I go out to raise funds for Aism, my goal is not only to increase the amount of food or the amount that was collected the previous time, but also to to raise awareness and let as many people as possible understand how important this is, how important it is to support research, to carry out preventive measures, how important it is not to look the other way. As with Aism, a reality that I have been a supporter of for ten years now, I am glad that I can do the same for any other such activity. It is important to convey to everyone the importance of research.

Continuing the theme of scientific research, what are the next initiatives?

At the same time, while continuing to work as a volunteer, a woman and a representative of institutions, we must promote and support all awareness-raising initiatives. Then comes the usual Aism Christmas, which is always very welcome by the citizens, and I’m working on organizing two new initiatives: one always dedicated to fundraising, and the other to prevention.

Aism 2023 – advisor Prosperi Adele

In detail, the motivation that led CDZ to award her is her continued social support, as well as collecting and distributing goods to those in need. This activity, especially in a pandemic, he continued consistently. What is the current situation?

During the Covid period, I personally did not stop working for a day: I am a cashier in a supermarket, and these were the only stores that were open during those dramatic months.

The most difficult part of the work was done by the volunteers of the Municipal Civil Protection Group, who really have no more words to thank them for what they have done and continue to do. Personally, first of all, as a citizen and as a municipal councilor, I tried to give my support, tried to give support, support, and especially during the collection of products, to lend a helping hand during the hours when I was free from work.

Fortunately, today all events are regularly resumed, and the most dramatic stage is behind us. In any case, there remains a weaker segment of the population, which always needs to be given more attention. Undoubtedly, this will be a matter that I will bring to the attention of the offices, as well as the Commission of the Council, of which I am President.

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