Ceasefire meeting in Qatar: Meeting between CIA and Mossad chiefs – latest world news at the last minute

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    There have been two important developments that fuel hopes for an extension of the temporary ceasefire in Gaza.

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    First, Hamas released 12 other people yesterday as part of a hostage exchange agreement. It was announced that 10 of those released were Israeli, and two Thai citizens were also released.

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    After the hostage exchange, the Israelis took to the streets and organized joyful demonstrations.

    The exchange took place yesterday with the initial agreement extended by 4 days. The agreement stipulated that the ceasefire be extended for 24 hours for every 10 additional hostages left by Hamas.

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    After 10 Israeli hostages, including a child, 9 women and 2 Thai hostages, arrived safely in Israel, 30 Palestinians were released from Israeli prisons.

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    It was announced that among those released were 15 women and 15 children.

    The streets of Palestine welcomed the bus carrying those released from Ofer prison with enthusiasm. Great joy also spread throughout the homes of liberated Palestinian children.

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    The title of the second development was Qatar. Qatar, which mediates between Israel and Hamas, hosted two important guests.

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    Meeting of the heads of Mossad and the CIA

    The heads of US, Israeli, CIA and Mossad intelligence met in Doha, the capital of Qatar. There were reports that another mediator, the head of Egyptian intelligence, was in Doha.

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    He announced that the parties discussed a new long-term ceasefire and the release of more hostages. He stated that progress had been made in the talks.

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    But these talks were met with objection by the far-right coalition in Israel. National Security Minister Ben Gvir announced that he would withdraw his support for Netanyahu if there was no return to war.

    Ben Gvir supports Netanyahu’s coalition with 6 representatives and 3 ministers. He believes that if he resigns, the government in Israel will not fall.

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