Celebrities attend Balmain Fall 2024 ready-to-wear show

A few seasons ago, Balman played matchmaker for Cher and boyfriend Alexander Edwards.

That night, the superstar met Edwards and they’ve been together ever since. That was her first season; now she’s a regular at Paris Fashion Week and Balmain shows. Although she didn’t perform, she received praise from creative director Olivier Rousteing.

“I just think he’s very expressive, and I think he’s trying to make you look good. It’s not just about him,” she said of Rousteing’s designs.

Rousteing debuted a collection of fully pleated skirts, crisp-shouldered tailored jackets, and plenty of trousers and jacket combinations before turning to produce-themed separates.

He paid homage to older women, and his runway models spanned a wide range of age groups, many of them leaning toward silver.

Serena Williams made a last-minute entrance in the front row, sending photographers into a frenzy.

“Emily in Paris” star Camille Razat started the day filming before attending the Balmain show in the evening. How does she maintain her energy between filming and performing?

“I took a nap,” she shrugged. There’s no big beauty tip here, she says snacks also help put her in a good mood. “Yeah, great story,” she joked.

She chose the red rose leather suit she wore from the previous collection. “Ever since I saw it on the runway, I thought, this is the best look ever,” she said. Hundreds of hours were spent on the look. “It also showcases Balmain’s virtuosity.”

Razat promised that the show’s third season will bring even more intrigue. “More love triangles, problems for everyone — and great fashion.”

Hari Nef quickly swapped out the fitted Courrèges dress from earlier in the day for a monochromatic shorts suit. “I wouldn’t call it a quick change,” she said. Between her morning fashion show and her evening Balmain show, she hung out at the hotel. “I stayed in bed for hours watching YouTube and old seasons of America’s Next Top Model. It was really comforting to me.”

Another guest commented that her outfit was a bit “gangster wife”, much to her chagrin. “I’m really angry,” she joked, classifying her look as more classic Parisian.

She added that she was inspired by Rousteing’s story of being an “outsider’s insider, an insider’s outsider” who grew up amid a series of contrasts and rose to the top of the fashion industry.

Charlotte Le Bon wore a black and white striped suit with a very deep V-cut. The “Yves Saint Laurent” actress channeled the bold look into a beloved character. “Like a naked ‘Beetlejuice,’ you know, the Tim Burton movie? That’s how I feel right now.”

She will next appear in Celine Salette’s “Niki,” an upcoming biography about French artist Niki Saint-Phalle piece. While the prestige director-actor duo has the allure of Cannes — and Le Bon has teased a “spring” release date — she insists she has nothing to say about the film until others hear from them in mid-April Festival schedule information.

It’s game time for former San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker. Le Parisien is excited about the Olympic Games in Paris in July.

“I’m looking forward to the Olympics. I can’t wait. Obviously we’re very lucky to have them and it’s going to be a great event. I hope our whole country gets behind the athletes and hopefully we can have a great two weeks.” He is one of the Parisians who plans to stay for the Olympics, and the list of events for which he holds tickets is already full, including basketball, gymnastics, judo, football and swimming.

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