Challenge between nine classes and two hundred students for the last Petrarchiadi of the “Super Prof” in Trieste

Trieste “Petrarchiadi” – Petrarca High School’s end-of-the-year spectacular party with costumes, performances, hymns and slogans in a competition between fifth grade students – held yesterday, as tradition, in the school courtyard Went. and the 2023 edition was entirely dedicated Massimo Sterra, The professor who conceived the program in ’98 relaunched it periodically every 12 months and thus contributed to the end-of-school cycle festivities for high school students, which have been held every year since then. The schools were preparing to face the diploma. ,


Here Are the Most Exclusive “Petrarchiadi” Ever: They’re the Latest from the Professor Who Invented Them in ’98

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And it was the same this time as well. latest. In fact, the teacher is preparing to leave the school to enjoy his retirement, after more than 30 years of work. Yesterday, with a touch of emotion, he greeted and thanked all those who have been with him on this long adventure, while the boys lovingly hugged him and took souvenir photographs. Nine classes compete this year with around two hundred students who have spent the last few weeks preparing every detail very carefully.

They were judged by a team of teachers, who carefully evaluated the choreographic aspect, make-up and team cohesion, also performed in preparation and performance of the banner.

The group dance – once again – was the highlight of the morning, during which the boys, along with some of the teachers, performed as usual dressed up in a chosen theme. There 5 f Proposed a journey of worry, tension, laughter, acrobatics and maturity among teachers who have now resigned. There Yes It was inspired by the popular anti-food waste application “Too Good to Go”, in which teachers stuffed large shopping bags and students turned in different types of food.

There AleWith irony, “The Chocolate Factory” is rewatched in its own way, while And He immersed himself in the fairy tale of “Peter Pan” among inflatable crocodiles, Captain Hook and, of course, the “fluttering” young hero. There H was infected with a virus that spread over the notes of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, driving everyone insane.

There b It has reinvented itself in a “dance” version to the notes of a range of popular songs from different eras, performing very amusing dance moves. For M Instead it was a journey through time again to the sound of music. There C He then staged a clash for first place between the domain of the classics and the giants of global catering, “McDonald’s”. For Dance Battle with two special guests created for the occasion: Lady Gaga and Freddie Mercury. At the side of the track, the usual “crowd” of students from the entire school awaited the verdict on their classmates and friends.

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F wins, followed by B and E. The victorious boys decide to donate the cup of “Petrarchiadi” to Sterra, to remember the final attempt by the young “a super professor” to define him.

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