Charles Barkley takes a closer look at Larsa Pippen and Michael Jordan’s son’s bedroom secret: ‘It was wrong on so many levels’

Charles Barkley was experiencing one of those moments where he wanted to be uninformed. It has to do with Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan and the whole saga of Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. Charles Although he made supportive comments about Jordan’s relationship, he generally didn’t have much to say about Larsa and Marcus’ relationship. The last dance-Pippen feud. He wanted to keep the status quo—LarCus wasn’t offering luxuries to anyone who bought the latest product. people Magazine.

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On the night of the Chicago Bulls Ring of Honor ceremony, Barkley called ESPN Chicago Talk about the Jordan Pippen legacy. The host provided him with excerpts from Larsa and Marcus’ explicit confessions via: Watch live broadcast. They were a little too open, and Larsa was closer to Marcus than she was to her ex-husband.

Charles I could have lived without knowing this. “That’s TMI. “It’s just too much.” You can understand Chuck’s discomfort. He was on the same team with Pippen when he played for the Houston Rockets late in his career. No one wants to know about their teammates’ bedroom lives.


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Buckley had a problem with Larsa mentioning Scotty at all when talking about her relationship with Marcus. “Why do this? This is unnecessary and uncalled for,” He was targeting reality TV stars. “I don’t mind if people don’t like each other…because you just have different personalities…but there’s no need to take shots at people. There is no need to do this. This is wrong on so many levels. ”

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Buckley’s philosophy extends to real housewives Larsa is part of the universe. He disparaged his show, saying the premise of hanging out with a bunch of obnoxious “friends” was fake.

Marcus is now real housewives of miami and appear in world health alliance They boasted that they surpassed Larsa’s previous marriage to Scotty in this regard. In a rare show of support, Barkley called Scottie a poor offensive player on TNT and defended his honor.


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