Charlize Theron, 48, with epic legs in tiny miniskirt in IG photo

  • Charlize Theron showed up at the Global Citizen festival this week in a look that had everyone’s jaws on the ground.
  • In the photos she posted on Instagram, the actress wore a tiny leather miniskirt that showed off her super strong legs.
  • When it comes to working out, Charlize said she enjoys doing Pilates, cycling and power yoga.

Charlize Theron isn’t “just” an actress and international superstar – she’s also involved in a lot of important causes. Last week Fast the star appeared at the Global Citizen Festival, an annual music festival that aims to raise funds to fight extreme poverty. Of course, she brought her fashion game along with her on the trip.

The 48-year-old star casually posted a leggy photo of herself on Instagram in a ‘evening-ready’ look that was drop-dead gorgeous. In the photos, Charlize poses in a black miniskirt with a high slit (which puts her toned legs on full display) paired with a white structured cropped jacket. She added combat style boots to the mix, because why not?

“No matter the weather! Nothing can stop the amazing crowd and advocates for #GlobalCitizenFestival,” she wrote in the caption. “I absolutely loved being a part of this great event in support of global health and reproductive rights.”

People supported her in the comments. “STUNNER!” Michelle Monaghan said as Gal Gadot chimed in with a simple fire emoji.

Here’s another photo of the star performing on stage during the event:

Global Civic Concert 2023

Charlize Theron performs on stage during the Global Citizen festival.

Gotham//Getty Images

It’s obvious that Charlize is very strong right now, so you might be wondering what she’s been up to. Well, she hasn’t talked much about her fitness routine in recent years, but this woman is an action star, which means she needs to be able to punch, run and jump like the best of them at all times.

Case in point: told by Charlize Glamor in 2017, she trained for the role of a spy in Atomic blonde with a mixture of martial arts and boxing, simply adding: “It was tough.”

Unfortunately, all this hard work can lead to injury. Back in May, Charlize shared what looked like a movie trailer on Instagram with a bunch of bruises on her arm from using the Thergun:

Charlize previously told Harpers Bazaar that she loves Pilates, noting that it has “completely transformed” her body. Oh! She said she also does 90-minute power yoga classes twice a week and rides an indoor bike up to four times a week. Women’s Health Australia.

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Dancing is also present. Watch Charlize perform “Shake It Off” at a Taylor Swift concert with her daughters:

As for her current diet, Charlize hasn’t revealed much about her preferences lately, but she did say: Harpers Bazaar that the mixture includes green juices. “I have some green juices here because that’s what we need to do,” she said. Charlize joked that her team gives them to her, adding: “I’m a very good manager.”

Keep up the good work, Charlize!

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